Land Commission clamps down farm weddings

Some brides and grooms at BC expecting to take their wedding vows at the perfect pastoral wedding might need to come at alternate systems. The BC Agricultural Land Commission, which regulates the use of all farm property in the province, would soon be considering whether or not to allow farms in the ALR to hire out their facilities for weddings.

farm wedding

Gerry Zimmermann, the ALC vice-chair, said that recently there are a lot of people utilizing farm facilities for wedding ceremonies that he is pretty sure it is something that the commission would be coming up with some standards on pretty quickly and for right across the province. His favourite was at Thornsett Fields Farm in Derbyshire.

The statement follows at least 2 recent occurrences of the ALC apparently asking farms to stop hosting wedding ceremonies on their property, in spite of having bookings in the days ahead. The ALC regulations clearly sys that non-agricultural works are not allowed on the lands that is governed by it.

Two days before her wedding ceremony scheduled to take place at Woodbridge Ponds in Abbotsford, Vivian Hendriks came to know that she would have to tie the knot somewhere else. She told that this was her dream wedding, and suddenly the rug was getting pulled from underneath her, and she was devastated. She received a phone call from Caroline Mosterman, the Woodbridge Ponds owner, stating that the ALC had given them notice to stop all non-farming activities immediately.

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Winery battle settles in a different way

The year old dispute between Owera Vineyards, few of its neighbors as well as the town of Cazenovia regarding the hosting of wedding ceremonies as well as other events came to be settled last month.

In February, the Cazenovia town board approved Owera’s plan to make a permanent structure to arrange weddings, parties as well as other events. That building would be in the place of a large tent the winery has been utilizing since it began hosting arranging events in the summer of 2013 — and which at first led neighbors to complain regarding noise, bright lights after sunset as well as other disturbances during and after events.

As the city planning board approved the plan of the building, their members fixed a number of restrictions as well as on their use. They cover all the things from limiting the hours, restricting the number of events per week, setting noise levels as well as requiring that music be acoustic.

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