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Land Commission clamps down farm weddings

Some brides and grooms at BC expecting to take their wedding vows at the perfect pastoral wedding might need to come at alternate systems. The BC Agricultural Land Commission, which regulates the use of all farm property in the province, would soon be considering whether or not to allow farms in the ALR to hire […]

Church’s vote on wedding stirs KBC resistance

A Kentucky Baptist Convention committee has voted to advocate severing links with a Louisville faithful which voted to ordain people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual as well as transgender and to perform gay and lesbian wedding ceremonies. On 9th October, the KBC’s Committee on Credentials took the action regard to Crescent Hill Baptist Church. […]

Mother dealing with cancer looking for a wedding theme photo shoot she never experienced

A photographer is now on a goal to serve her buddy experience the lovely feeling of being a bride, before it turns out to be too late. Netis Negron, a single mother to 3 kids, has had breast cancer for the past 7 years. The strong survivor has received the message that her cancer has […]

Jennifer Aniston proposed to Justin Theroux

A new report suggests that when Jennifer Aniston has a pregnancy scare, she demanded Justin Theroux to tie the knot, but he was not ready to tie the knot. A leading website reported that Jennifer wanted to get married before their baby is born. An insider a leading magazine that Jennifer recently thought that she […]

ergie and Duhamel celebrate low key 5th wedding

This was not just another dinner date for Black Eyes Pean singer Fergie and Duhamel earlier on Friday. The couple celebrated their 5th marriage anniversary at the popular restaurant Mr. Chow located in Beverly Hills in California. The couple came in the restaurant arm in arm as the forty one year old Josh led his […]

Groom goes to jail

A British bridegroom made a false bomb scourge rather than admitting that he overlooked to book the place for his marriage ceremony. Earlier on Tuesday, the man was sentenced to a year in jail. On his scheduled wedding day in April, Neil McArdle, the forgetful groom, called up St. George’s Hall in Liverpool from a […]