Lance Bass and Michael Turchin tied the knot at a star-studded wedding

With all the smiles, it is very much clear that former Nsync member Lance Bass is relishing each and every moment of life as a married person. Leaving his marriage reception with husband Michael Turchin in early hours of Sunday, the newly married couple looked the snap of married bliss.

Former NSYNC-er Lance, like his husband as well as invitees was highly clipped for all the celebrations. Dressed in a lovely dark moss green jacket along with a purple button hole, coupled with a sharply pressed white colored dress shirt, silk bow tie as well as the shiniest of leather shoes, being the smartest of grooms.  

Michael Turchin was equally well dressed, opting a blue shade for his velvet jacket. His black shirt meant he complimented his other half without being too matchy. Both the suits were made in partnership with their stylist and friends Jeff Kim and Josh Yunger, the president of Yunger.

Lance, now 35, got married with his twenty seven year old partner at swanky Park Plaza Hotel located in Los Angeles, earlier on Saturday. The couple has been dating for the past 4 years. The couple told a leading magazine that they love each other very much. The magazine also reported that the couple exchanged vows written by themselves in front of all the guests that even include some popular names.

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