Unique Wedding Cakes | Topsy Turvy Annie

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9 Responses to “Unique Wedding Cakes | Topsy Turvy Annie”

  1. inthebvbarmy says:

    Ur airbrushing is amazing on. The flowers

  2. sis914 says:

    even tho it’s a wedding cake i still like it

  3. KrisTinnaLR says:

    beautiful collars :0)

  4. brampar says:


  5. tylermatthewmarz says:

    It seem like many professional fondant cakes have more squared corners… how do they get this. I always roll my fondant at least 1/4 -1/2 thick and I know it is because of that that they are a little more rounded. but if I don’t, you can see the cake underneath… does anyone have any advice?

  6. hihibananamonster says:

    So cool!

  7. GardnerMz says:

    i love it wish you would of shown us viewer’s how you made

  8. badgirlsclubhoe says:


  9. girlytomzzboii says:

    uploaded on my birthday….just thought i would say