Very Unique Wedding Favor Idea – MUST SEE

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24 Responses to “Very Unique Wedding Favor Idea – MUST SEE”

  1. TheSupermom0206 says:

    @mewlkitten it was beautiful. i have never seen anything like it.

  2. zetarockpop says:

    ….super xvere!!!

  3. littlemisskittyful says:

    I think its a lovely idea! 🙂

  4. BigDotOfHappiness says:

    I like that. It is very appealing to the eye. I like how you make it look like a multilevel cake.

  5. mamedova1989 says:

    siz  niye bele ushaqsiz?

  6. recordstreetband says:

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  7. asata08 says:

    so sweet…

  8. SuperNewwife says:

    this aint unique at all!!!!!

  9. DORYFY1968 says:

    yea thats uniique

  10. yiyiking2010 says:

    Hi, dear
    Wanna decor your wedding?
    Do check my vedio for toy flower bouquet and car decor!
    Also other novelty items! 😀

  11. gothnsincity says:

    How are jordan almonds unique!?!?

  12. SimoesLaurinda says:

    lovely idea, thank you :))))

  13. now22207 says:

    I think the whole purpose of putting the flower on the outer bottom edge of the favor box is so that it shows when the entire favor cake is complete. (Which is a coolest and most unique way to display it.) The flowers could also be switched with other small embellishments if inspired.  🙂

  14. salserajg says:

    @caer8smau9 buscalo en picasa ahi encuentra muchosssssssssss

  15. ilovekingqueen says:

    how many box we need
    where can buy this box

  16. 4everKryptonian says:

    I don’t like the idea..that on every video the ribbon is placed in the same spot..change things up please!

  17. zabrina4tr says:

    Think about your marriage and get a trusted women

  18. fattiecakes19 says:

    must see?

  19. caer8smau9 says:

    por favor alguien ayudeme a encontrar el esquema o la platilla para hacer la caja la verdad si me interesa mucho

    🙂 😀

  20. caer8smau9 says:

    esta muy padre este pastel y lo quiero hacer para mi boda pero me gustaria saber el esquema de la cajita y con te tipo de papel se puede hacer mejor gracias

  21. rose2663 says:

    I dont like it!

  22. mewlkitten says:

    How is this unique? It is exactly the same as the wedding favor cake.

  23. poopsicles50 says:

    how thats so cool! 😀

  24. jabowja says:

    How much!