Winery battle settles in a different way

The year old dispute between Owera Vineyards, few of its neighbors as well as the town of Cazenovia regarding the hosting of wedding ceremonies as well as other events came to be settled last month.

In February, the Cazenovia town board approved Owera’s plan to make a permanent structure to arrange weddings, parties as well as other events. That building would be in the place of a large tent the winery has been utilizing since it began hosting arranging events in the summer of 2013 — and which at first led neighbors to complain regarding noise, bright lights after sunset as well as other disturbances during and after events.

As the city planning board approved the plan of the building, their members fixed a number of restrictions as well as on their use. They cover all the things from limiting the hours, restricting the number of events per week, setting noise levels as well as requiring that music be acoustic.

Owera thinks that the city overstepped their authority in few of the terms. It has registered a legal challenge — named an Article 78 proceeding — which looks for to overturn these terms. Tom Fucillo said that Owera do not want to overturn the approval. But there were thirty-three different terms, and they believe about ten of them are onerous.

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